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Company Overview

Alliance Power Services is a dedicated maintenance service organization located in Texas.  We offer services across the nation.  APS has 15 years of combined experience in Data Center maintenance around the globe for some of the largest organizations on Wall Street.  Our primary goal is to ensure and eliminate downtime in your facility due to failures or defects in the critical power infrastructure.  APS is a customer dedicated organization and our availability is 24/7 for your critical power maintenance, repair and periodic testing requirements.

We deliver exceptional hardware support and customer service.  Flexible service agreements, certified engineers, locally stocked parts and quick service response are part of the APS service delivery that covers your critical equipment!  Many of our customers see a 40% decrease in cost when compared to the manufacturer or other OEM service contracts. 

What makes APS unique among maintenance service providers is our approach.  We believe that the clients who have chosen us genuinely want to do something extraordinary -- and so do we. Our charge is to discover our clients’ needs and desires and then foster the environment that will help develop the vision and plan to make it a reality.

Alliance Power Services is an Authorized Service Provider for Mitsubishi Power Products and Alber Battery Monitoring Systems - Please see Projects page for details....

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